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This section of our business focuses in providing products and services in the areas of oil and gas, energy sector, water,  wastewater,  renewable energy.  The qualified professional engineers with oil gas facilities design, procurement and operation and maintenance experience is engaging with various internationally renowned companies to provide quality service for our clients.

The following are the areas of products and services currently supporting;

TruPermit provides a very comprehensive workflow and collaboration platform for Permit-To-Work management and handling at any plant. It also enables the ‘issuing authority’, to use ready and previously filled permit templates(replica), so reduce the permit approving and issuing cycle. TruPermit reduces the physical presence, meetings and movement within control rooms and plant areas. 

TruSafe is used for managing respective plant HSE Data, plant events and HSE tasks, including plant accidents, incidents and near-misses. It provides several models, to analyse risk, manage emission data, regulatory reporting, hygiene management data and activities, safety studies, safety assets, safety tours and safety inspection.

TruTrack automates the tracking of assets, vehicles, personnel and equipment within any facility.


Oil field equipment

Rotating Equipment

Obul Consultancy& Contracts


Smart parking

Dust Control (On Graded Roads, Projects Construction Area, Camps, etc..)
Drilling fluid and equipment
Solar Energy